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Drop In Nozzle Jet Waterman

Part No.:  300-020W
MPN: 550100B
Jet Size #:
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RBS stocks a complete line of drop in Waterman nozzle jets for your fuel injection system needs. Fits all fuel injection systems that are set up for drop in nozzle bodies and if you have thread in nozzle bodies RBS carries a thread in to drop in adpt.

Nozzle jets are sold individually and made from brass and alum. Jets start at size #20 and go up in increments of 1, if smaller size is needed RBS can sell customer a blank jet and they can drill to size they are after. Largest jet is #130 that can be made from the drop in body.

Nozzle jets are reamed for a smooth bore and consistent flow.

When ordering specify what size and quantity.

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