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Enderle Bird Catcher Injector Progressive Linkage Assm.

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Enderle has come up with a progressive butterfly option that has been the winning ticket for racers that need a smooth transition into the throttle instead of the wide open throttle that most racers use.

The butterfly shaft allows the butterfly closest to the barrel valve to open about a third of the way before the other two butterflies come off there idle position allowing for some part throttle driving which has proven to be a hit in the tractor pulling and endurance boat racing world or racer can pick to open the two butterflies furthest away from the barrel valve a third of the way before the third starts to open. This kit can be adapted to Enderle's Bird line of injector hats but should only be installed by a person with lots of mechanical ability.

Injector can be sent back to Enderle and for $125.00 they will professionally install the linkage kit on an existing Bird injector.

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