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Enderle Bird Catcher Polished Alum. W/Shaft & Progressive Butterflies

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*** SINGLE PROGRESSIVE BUTTERFLY INJECTOR IN STOCK *** Polished Enderle Bird Catcher progressive linkage assm. This has to be one of the most popular fuel injectors in the world and it's legacy continues today setting records and running low E.T. 's across the country.

The injector is sold as seen in the pictures with a show polished alum. housing, stainless steel shaft, alum. linkage arms, serrated throttle stops and three 4.380" dia. butterflies that the racer can pick colors of there choice at no extra cost.

Injector housing is machined for eight nozzle bodies, barrel valve mounting location as well as distribution block location. This injector works well for EFI conversions as well with the smaller butterflies.

Butterfly shaft dia. is .440" and from mounting surface to top of injector is 5.80". The opening in the injector is 4.00" x 12.25" and it mounts on the industry standard 13.250" bolt pattern common on 6-71 thru 14-71 blowers. Width of the injector is 18.00" wide. Butterfly square inch area is 45in's.

Enderle has come up with a progressive butterfly option that has been the winning ticket for racers that need a smooth transition into the throttle instead of the wide open throttle that most racers use. The butterfly shaft allows the butterfly closest to the barrel valve to open about a third of the way before the other two butterflies come off there idle position allowing for some part throttle driving which has proven to be a hit in the tractor pulling and endurance boat racing world or racer can pick to open the two butterflies furthest away from the barrel valve a third of the way before the third starts to open.

This kit can be adapted to Enderle's Bird line of injector hats but should only be installed by a person with lots of mechanical ability. Injector can be sent back to Enderle and for $125.00 they will professionally install the linkage kit on an existing Bird injector.

Butterfly color choice is red, blue, or black alum. Injector now can be powder coated to the color of choice made by the racer. Most popular is black and keep in mind there is gloss or satin finish.

Racer can choose options from drop down menu.

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