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Enderle Poppet Check Nozzle Body Assm. Short

Part No.:  330-009S
MPN: 7130S
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Enderle poppet check short stainless steel port nozzle body assm. This port nozzle body allows the racer to fine tune their tune by either doing a dribbler system in there ports or extra nozzles can be added in a port and set with different spring pressure to allow the fuel to come into the engine.

Each poppet check nozzle body assm. includes a stainless steel nozzle body, steel poppet, stainless steel spring, spring cup and a plug to hold the assm. together before use.

Short port bodies measure 2.00" overall and are 1.00". under the last thread to the tip of the nozzle body. These were designed for the high pressure nitro systems where customers had the old brass design actually push the ball into the spring leaving the potential of a leaking nozzle body or having incorrect operating pressure.

Nozzle bodies are sold individual. The spring can be set to #25, #30 or #35 pounds so please specify pressure when ordering in the pressure box.

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