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FIE/Mallory Pro-Plugs For Pro Cap Adpt.

Part No.:  2500-0093W
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Putting silicone down the Mallory Pro Cap adapter ring screw holes to keep the rotor from shorting to the screw heads has always been a pain.

These triple O-ring plastic plugs solve the problem! Easily installed and quickly removed, now checking the points or inspecting the condition of your mag is a snap.

Sold as a pair loaded with -902 O-rings (same as used on Enderle nozzle jets), these plugs use a small side hole to allow easy removal with a pointed tool.

A dab of silicone grease is included to use on the O-rings so the plug pushes right in.

High voltage spark won't get past these and they stay put until you're ready for them to come out.

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