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FIE Plug Wires SBC/BBC

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RBS is excited to offer the racer these new plug wire kits from FIE which offers more benefits at less cost. The racer has there choice in color and suppression or solid core. Here is the low down on the wires and allow yourself the advantage of these new plug wire sets to quicken ET and add mile per hour to your time slip.

SUPRESSION: Wire sets are made by FIE in-house using top quality 8.2mm Taylor Thunder-Volt 50 wire. At only 40 ohms per foot, these racing suppression sets are MSD Pro-mag compatible and can be used with Super-Mags, Sprintmags and Vertex mags where tachometers, data loggers and other noise-sensitive equipment is used while keeping output to the plug as high as possible.

SOLID: These sets are made by FIE, in-house using top quality 8mm Taylor solid core wire. If you do NOT run electronics on-board (tach, shift-light, data logger, etc.), these are the wires you want for your magneto. With ZERO impedance, these wires deliver every volt to the spark plug. Not compatible with electronic box type ignitions or MSD Pro-mags!

These wires all run long compared to standard Taylor, Mallory or MSD sets. You won't come up short when going to make that last wire on Friday night. The straight/90 degree plug terminals and boots are installed for you. Trim to fit and terminate the magneto end yourself using the supplied double-crimp terminals and black HEI boots.

Since there's a extra wire here, FIE decided to include 4 extra boots and terminals (not shown). You can use them for spares, or assemble 2 extra spare coil wires for yourself to have at the track ready to go.

Racer can choose wire type and color from drop down menu.

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