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Fuel Shut Off Over Center Spring Bracket

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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Over center Enderle fuel shut off spring bracket assm. This kit allows the fuel shut off to stay wide open during a pass without the chance of the fuel shut off vibrating partially closed causing melted pistons, torched heads, kicked out rods and a wasted pass in your hot rod.

Made from billet alum. and very easy to use with any billet -6 / -8 / -12 Enderle fuel shut off. Kit includes stainless steel spring, stainless steel mounting bolts and billet alum. bracket that has been black anodized for corrosion resistance.

If you choose to warm your engine with the fuel shut off partially closed simply unclip the throttle cable slide the spring off and let it hang while the warm up is going on once done reinstall and head for the staging lanes. Fuel shut off, cable ends, and throttle cables can all be purchased separate.

-6 clamping diameter is 1.00" thru 1.030" -8 clamping diameter is 1.270" thru 1.305" -12 clamping diameter is 1.430" thru 1.470".

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