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Hemi Stepped Bell Housing Stud 3/8" x 7/16"

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** If you have a late style aluminum Hemi engine block with the 7/16" thread in the bellhousing mounting area, but don't want to drill your motor plate and bellhousing out for the larger thread, RBS is here to help.

We have a stud that is not only macined out of quality steel, but is heat treated and ionized for thread protection as well. All of this means a quality hi-strength mounting stud that will withstand the abuse of dragging your bellhousing over the threads time and time again, but will also cure the problem of a step stud for your application.

The block end is 7/16" coarse thread and the other end is 3/8" fine. The thread lengths are .700" on the 7/16" end, there is a .250" long 7/16" dia. shoulder, .425" 3/8" dia. shoulder and the 3/8" fine thread is .550". Stud overall length is 2.250", thread to thread is 2.00'.

These are perfect for any application where you need a step stud or in a place where you needed to open a thread to 7/16" for a damage repair. These are manufactured as bellhousing studs but could be used anywhere on the race car.

Most Hemi blocks use nine bell housing studs.

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