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Kill Wire Single Mag

Part No.:  2500-0150
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For the racer that is working on the car in the shop or in the pits this coil kill wire is a safety must. Once the coil is grounded the racer can perform routine maintenance without any chance of the motor accidently starting.

With this design it is easy for the racer to pull the wire upon starting for ignition or simply push in into the holes to ground the coil so car can be safely towed to the starting line or maintenance can be performed. The banana plug design keeps snug in the holes and will not slip off like an alligator clip at the most inopportune time.

Included with each kill wire is a pair of alum. kill wire blocks that will mount on most all FIE, MSD, or Mallory coils that use a 10-32 thread terminal. Kill wire blocks are .500" wide, .250" thick and 1.140" long. Kill wire is six inch long and has a piece of heat shrink installed to make for a nice grab spot.

Racer can choose red or black kill wire from drop down menu.

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