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Leak Down Gauge Kit Digital

Part No.:  2700-0002E
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** This tool is a must for all racers that love modern technology. With this handy gauge and an air compressor you can check leak down on your barrel valve, cylinder leakage due to improper valve seal or improper ring seal.

This tool is simple to use due to having two gauges with an air regulator and includes a -8 barrel valve injector fitting as well as a hose with a 14mm spark plug fitting on it.

Simply plug the leak down gauge into your air supply turn the gauge on that is preset to a hundred psi and set the leak down on the barrel valve with the other gauge or check cylinder leakage cylinder by cylinder.

Leak down tool has a air ball valve to control air flow and not to shock the gauges when setting as these gauges are precise enough to measure a half of percent to give the racer better repeatability and more accurate readouts.

Leak down gauge is LED readout and has a backlit screen for easy to read numbers. Each gauge uses a nine volt battery and each gauge has a battery life indicator on the gauge read out.

Included with the gauge is a nice foam lined carrying case to protect the tool and each gauge has a rubber protective cover just in case that ah-crap I just dropped my new tool moment happens.

Includes detailed use instructions and batteries are included.

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