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MSD Ignition Coil CPC Ignition Control Black #8232

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For performance applications with multi-channel coil drivers this Single Tower Blaster Coil is a great choice. The coils low resistance and quick rise time make it ideal for high revving, multi-coil performance systems. The Coil will also top off your MSD DIS-HO Ignition system when it is set up for a coil-per-cylinder ignition system. Includes a bag of installation hardware as well as a wiring plug.

Features: Designed exclusively for the MSD CPC Ignition Control, 85:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output, Dupont Rynite housing with a tall tower and isolated primary terminals.

Inductance 3.7 mH, Maximum Voltage 43,000 Volts, Peak Current 800 mA, Primary Resistance .09 OHMs,
Secondary Resistance 988 OHMs, Spark duration 125 uS, Turns Ratio 85:1.

Picture eight shows a RCD coil mount which can be purchased to mount four coils in a row under part #2500-0146.

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