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Manley Loc Cap 5/16" Lash Cap Set

Part No.:  2610-0068O
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Manley Loc Cap 5/16" lash cap. Manley has developed this lash cap to interlock with the valve keepers to give the racer a superior way of holding the valve in the head and providing a harder than tool steel finish to adjust the rocker arm against.

These caps have many advantages so sit back and let us give you the low down on these Loc Caps. The caps have a micro finished rocker contact surface that is thru hardened to HRc 55 to minimize wear with aggressive valve spring pressure and rocker arm contact. Loc Caps incorporate a fillet radius on the underside that comes into contact on the valve that provides adequate clearance to the corner of the valve stem and provides 100% contact between the valve tip and the underside of the Loc Cap giving a perfect fit to the top of the valve every time.

Loc Caps are available in true 7 degree or 10 degree and square groove or bead loc so the racer must specify when ordering. Loc Caps can be purchased in titanium for the racer desiring the lightest possible valve train mass.

Loc Caps are sold in sets of eight and will only fit a .250" valve tip length.

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