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Moroso Leak Down Tester Assm. #89603

Moroso Pro Series leak down testers give crew chiefs, racers and engine builders the best leak down tool that is calibrated for high accuracy and repeatability.

All components are housed in a self contained black powder coated steel case to make taking readings easier and to protect the components from damage. With this handy tool and an air compressor you can check leak down on your barrel valve, cylinder leakage due to improper valve seal or improper ring seal.

This tool is simple to use due to having one 3.50" gauge that ranges from 0% to 100% with an air regulator and includes four pages of detailed instructions. In this leak down kit the racer gets two rubber hoses with a long 14mm spark plug adapter, short 14mm spark plug adapter, 18mm spark plug adapter, tapered spark plug threaded adapter and a -8/-10 barrel valve inlet fitting adpt.

Simply plug the leak down gauge into your air supply set the gauge to zero and set the leak down on the barrel valve or check cylinder leakage cylinder by cylinder to decide if the motor has to come apart between rounds.

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