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Moroso Super Cool Can -8 AN Female #65127

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For the racer that is looking for little small gains that eventually will add up to one big gain here is one of those small gains for the fuel system that your engine will thank you for.

Moroso has designed this Fuel Cool Can for the racer to fill with ice and chill the can inside so as the fuel passes thru it will drop the temperature making a denser more powerful fuel so when it gets to the engine combustion chamber KA-BOOM!!!!! Let the internal combustion process work its magic and let you feel it in the back tires.

Kick back grab a cold beverage out of the cool can if you like and check out the features of this great product.

Polyethylene shell has a much higher insulating value than cork, allowing ice to last longer and cooling fuel more efficiently for a denser air-fuel mixture. The higher insulating value of the shell combined with an advanced heat sink design reduces fuel temperature 20% over other cool cans.

The inlet and outlet are -8AN so this allows the racer a variety of ways to plumb and implement into their fuel system.

Lid is held on by a wing nut with a closed-cell foam seal between the lid and can.

NHRA approved mounting includes two stainless steel straps with T-bolt clamps and lightweight aluminum mounting bracket.

Spacing of steel straps aligns perfectly with mounting bosses molded into the Super Cool Can housing for strong attachment.

Holds ½ quart of fuel, with convenient petcock drain on the bottom, approximate dimensions: 7.750" x 7.750" x 8.00" tall.

For Carbureted and Fuel Injected applications up to 125 PSI working pressure.

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