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NOS 6-71 Thru 14-71 Roots Style Supercharger Injector Plate & Nitrous System Polished

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RBS is now offering roots-type supercharger NOS injector plates with nitrous systems mounted in a billet alum. plate that sandwiches between the supercharger and carburetor adapter.

Fits 6-71/14-71 roots superchargers that use a 13.250" on center bolt pattern. Plate has sixteen -3 lines and two -4 nitrous plumbing connections. Plate is made from .500" billet alum. and includes two gaskets for a leak-free seal installation.

Roots superchargers not only create more horsepower but they also add unwanted engine heat. These supercharger nitrous oxide systems can remedy that problem and increase power output at the same time. The nitrous is injected into the engine at - 127 degrees F and mixes with the incoming air, reducing intake temperatures by up to 75 degrees F. The result is a denser intake charge and an increase in torque and horsepower of up to 30 to 40 percent over the entire power band!

Plus, the nitrous can be injected at lower rpm--before the engine is at full boost--eliminating lag time and providing instantaneous power gains. Includes jetting for 175 horsepower and is adjustable up to 250 horsepower.

Plate assm. includes gaskets, jets, plumbing and installation instructions. Bottle plate assm. includes everything on the plate, a 10 lb. nitrous bottle, bottle brackets, plumbing, wiring, throttle position switch and nitrous solenoids to make a complete system.

Billet nozzle plate is polished aluminum with black nozzle bodies, polished distribution block and polished stainless steel lines.

Buyer can choose plate assm. or complete kit from drop down menu.

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