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Pressure Testing Manifold AN Hose Fitting Kit

For the racer that likes to build and pressure test there own hoses on there race car XRP offers all the tools needed for the racer to be able to test there hoses before heading out to the track and losing runs due to being shut down for a fuel or oil leak.

Manifold allows -3 thru -20 hoses to be tested quickly and accurately. Racer must purchase #2700-0035 test manifold separate to work with pressure testing fitting kit.

Don't let a improper assembled hose or a suspect fitting cost you time and money again when you pressure test right in your own race car laboratory.

Below is what is included in the fitting kit,
1. #3 stainless line for pressure testing

2. Eight 1/4" pipe male quick connect

3. 1/4" pipe female quick connect

4. #3 to 1/4" male fitting

5. -3 thru -20 male AN plug

6. -3 thru -20 male flare to pipe fitting

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