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Push Rod Inspection Fixture

Part No.:  2700-0067
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Here is a tool for anyone that runs nitromethane or a high compression alcohol engine that does there own engine servicing should own. Push rods are something that are often overlooked but when they bend or break it is catastrophic to the rest of the engine.

This tool is simple to use and is very precision. Simply lay the pushrod between the two points, allow the indicator tip to drop onto the part and begin rolling around to check for run out or inconsistency's.

Works with all push rods between 10.00" to 14.00". Tool is made from billet alum.

Tool is fast to use as the one end rides on shouldered bolts with a spring loaded base that offers enough travel to get the pushrods in and out with minimal effort. The other end has six adjustment holes for different pushrod lengths and adjuster included with tool is .312" ball but racer can simply install a .375" ball adjuster if needed for there application.

Precision indicator is included and reads in .001" increments.

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