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RCD Blower Pulley Washer Alum.

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** RBS tries to make every racers life simpler and here is one shining example. Typically on a blower pulley you have six washers to fall off and roll around with one of course rolling under the tire where you can't see it or reach it. Well here it is the part is made from billet heat treated alum. and is profiled for weight reduction.

The finish is black anodized alum. and the bolt hole pattern is the industry standard 2.782" bolt circle using six 3/8" bolt holes and is .200" thick. The bolt holes are chamfered for NAS bolts and the register is to clear 2.00" register crank hubs.

If racer would like to purchase NAS blower pulley bolts check out part number #400-6125NAS.

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