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RCD Heavy Duty Blower Belt Guard PSI Screw Blower

RBS stocks a huge selection of blower belt guards and here is one of the toughest examples. This guard assm. fits RCD/PSI screw blower snouts and mounts off three of the blower snout to blower front cover mounting holes making for the ultimate in strength as there is no extra stand offs to bend or move when the motor flings a blower belt off.

Includes seven billet alum. spacers, four grade eight mounting bolts, starter face plate, and two .250" support bars that all have all been black anodized for the stealth look.

This guard is designed to fit with RCD screw blower mini snouts only but the racer can modify there PSI mini snout to work with this guard if they choose.

PSI snout housing has to be machined to .330" thick where the belt guard sits against the blower snout housing for proper blower starter engagement.

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