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Roll Bar Padding Kit Dragster/Funny Car SF 45.1

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Roll bar padding meets and exceeds SFI 45.1. Padding attaches to the inside of your roll cage with supplied Velcro strips. The padding is 3/4" thick with Velcro molded into the backside of the part. This kit is five pieces that we have found best fits a Dragster or Funny Car style six point roll cage. The five pieces included are 1 @ 4", 2 @ 13", 2 @ 18". Simple to install and in the event of tire shake or when the driver stands on the loud pedal and pins their eyes to the back of their skull they will be thankful that their helmet is not banging against the cage.

Roll Bar Padding Instructions:  Before installing Velcro on tubing, lightly scuff surface with scotch brite, be sure to remove any wax or oil. Snip cut Velcro on both edges to fit radius of tubing.  After Velcro is installed, let set for 15 minutes. Padding is very heat sensitive and will become softer and more pliable with heat.  To help form padding, it may be necessary to heat padding first.  Set padding in the sunlight or use a hair dryer.  Push padding onto tubing and BAM!!!!!! your done.

Fits 1.625" tubing.

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