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Taylor Seat Belt Harness Camloc Nomex Black

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RBS can help the racer with one of the finest seat belt set ups on the market today. This belt set up gives the racer the most safety in any application using a lap belt, shoulder harness and crotch strap.

Simple to install and very easy to use with the Twist-Loc cam attaching point. This mechanism allows the racer to simply click each belt into the center making for a secure and safe ride down the track.

All buckles are of the highest quality and the belt material are covered in fire proof Nomex. Belts are SFI tagged and typically take a couple weeks to build once ordered.

Racer must let us now if they want the two shoulder belts with one attaching point or two separate attaching points and do they want the shoulder belts to have bolt mounting points or wrap around the roll cage with buckles. Racer must choose five or seven point when ordering from drop down menu.

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