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Supercharged Fuel Fragrance

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What does victory smell like, you got it!!! It smells sweet just like our Supercharged fuel fragrance that is used to change the smell of the exhaust.

Your choice of Supercharged Strawberry, Rocket Cotton Candy, Super Sonic Cinnamon, Wicked Watermelon,

Wild Cherry, Banana Blast, Victory Vanilla, Full Blown Bubble Gum, Rippin' Root Beer, Groovy Grape,

Peel Out Pina Colada, Atomic Apple, Pop A Wheelie Buttered Popcorn, Burnout Blueberry, Turbo Tangerine, and Flyin' Hawaiian Fruit Punch.

Each bottle treats 55 gallons of methanol, 20 gallons of gasoline & 10 gallons of diesel fuel. Bottle size is 4oz.

Choose from the drop down menu for flavor selection.

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