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System 1 Inline Oil or Fuel Filter Element

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MPN: 208-102700
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RBS carries a complete supply or parts for the System 1 fuel filtration system. A racers micron need can change for the fuel filter element depending on what fuel they run or the element can get damaged when cleaning it.

Available in a 10, 35 or 75 micron screen and are available for all the popular System 1 fuel filters. Filter element is made from durable stainless steel on all parts of the filter element to give the racer a durable cleanable part that lasts many race seasons.

If the racer is unsure of what fuel filter they have RBS has provided the chart below to help decide which filter the racer may have. Racer can choose filter element by measuring there filter from fitting end to fitting end and using the chart to know which filter they are using.

Common fuel filter microns are as follows: 10 microns for EFI fuel injection, 35 microns for gas or very mild alcohol and 75 microns for most blown mechanical injected alcohol or nitro engines.

Not sure which filter you have, measure the aluminum filter housing end to end over the threads with the these measurements and that will help determine which filter you need to order. Pro Street 4.50" X 2.00" Pro Race 6.00" X 2.00" Pro Nitro 9.00" X 2.00" Pro Pull 11.00" X 2.250".

Filter element for a Pro Street filter is 1.490" end to end, Pro Race 3.00" end to end, Pro Nitro is 4.800" end to end.

Racer can choose filter element from drop down menu.

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