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Billet Primer Bottle Top

For the racer that is about to light off there fire breathing beast RBS is proud to offer this billet alum. primer bottle top that will allow consistent amounts of fuel to be squirted into the hat at each start up.

Gear oil bottle tops can become distorted and inconsistent when different fuels are used thru them.

Designed to screw on top of any standard gear oil bottle this billet alum. primer top is knurled so taking off for bottle refills is a snap and it has a .060" hole machined into it to give your hot rod a adequate drink upon start up.

The tip has two barb's machined so the racer can put the gear oil bottle cap on it for safe storing of the primer bottle when riding in the tow vehicle or hauler.

Anodized for corrosion protection. Picture of bottle top on gear oil bottle is for picture purposes and racer must supply their own gear oil bottle.

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