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CG Composites PSI Carbon Fiber MK-11 Injector Pro Mod

RBS is proud to bring the racers the PSI outlaw carbon fiber masterpiece from the CG stable. This outlaw pro mod injector is ready to rotate the earth with it's three large 6.500" butterflies equaling ninety nine square inch's. You know what that means friends, more air, more fuel more horsepower, quicker E.T.'s and faster times.

Injector opening is 12.625" x 4.190" on the blower surface and the workmanship inside the injector is aero flow designed and smoothed out for better air flow into the supercharger. Hat is 11.750" tall with titanium butterflies so no butterfly flex is an issue. Injector has a provision for a throttle cable bracket and a barrel valve using industry standard 1/4" mounting hardware.

RBS can supply all the parts to make the injector complete at an additional cost if the racer chooses.

Injector includes everything seen in the pictures which include injector housing, butterfly shaft and butterflies. Injector weights eleven pounds as seen in the pictures.

This injector is a special order, will take 4-6 weeks to get once ordered. Customer is responsible for incoming shipping and customs brokerage for the injector which is typically $300.00.