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Injector Nozzle Body Stainless Alch/Nitro Adjustable DJE

Our friends over at DJE have been hard at work on the flow bench and striving to give the racer the most adjustable, best atomizing, strongest nozzle body on the market. Nozzle body is made from stainless steel and uses a really innovative lock collar so the racer can adjust the depth or direction of the spray pattern in every single hole that you install them in.

Simply install the 7/16" hex, 1/8" NPT pipe collar in the hole with sealant of choice, now drop the nozzle body in and adjust to where you are happy and lock down the 7/16" jam nut and you are ready for some action. Nozzle bodies can be used with Enderle type thread in nozzle jets or we can use drop in jet adapters for Crawford or Waterman type drop in jets.

The nozzle has DJE's special atomization tip which will create a fan which is perfect for cooling and sealing the blower or perfect to aim in the direction you feel is suited best in the intake port for max power and cylinder power distribution.

Nozzle bodies are avaible in short or long. Shown in the picture is the short nozzle body. Dimensions of the short body is 1.965" overall length, from last thread on the nozzle body to the tip is .375" and has an overall adjustment from .200" to .950" on the tip adjustment. Long nozzle body dimensions are coming shortly.

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