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Jesel Nitro/Alcohol Hemi Lifter Set

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RBS is proud to bring the racers one of the best lifters on the market and is a direct replacement, ultra strong, Nitro-Alcohol Hemi Lifter that is resetting the standard for lifters in blown nitro and alcohol engines.

The REM polished, one-piece tool steel bodies are connected with a heat-treated stainless steel tie bar and can be fully rebuilt. Roller features include precision sorted tool steel needles distributing the load to a .378" diameter dual pinned axle. .904" lifters use a .820" roller wheel. 1.00" lifters use a .905" roller wheel.

Lifters are available in .904", 1.00", 1.062" and 1.125" dia. Lifters are special order and take a couple weeks for delivery. Lifters can be used with KB, BAE, TFX, Indy, JP-1, Mopar and most other aftermarket Hemi engine blocks.

Each lifter set includes sixteen lifters and eight tie bars. Racer can choose size from drop down menu.