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MSD Cap/Rotor To FIE/Mallory Mag Conversion Kit

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RBS is always trying to figure out ways to give racers more performance at less cost. Here is a kit that allows the racer to adpt. a MSD cap and rotor to there FIE/Mallory Super mag. Now you may ask yourself why would I want to change over well here is a few good reasons.

A typical FIE/Mallory Super mag cap and rotor cost over $75.00 and at times are hard to get as once FIE/Mallory is out of stock it may be several months before they make another batch. MSD cap and rotor set is under $40.00 and very plentiful when the racer needs one.

The kit is very simple to install and includes a billet anodized adpt. ring, cad plated steel rotor adapter plate and stainless steel mounting hardware. This kit works with FIE/Mallory Super mag two, three, four, and eights.

Remember the MSD cap and rotor is the same one that is used on the mag 44 so it will be plenty capable of handling a hopped up FIE/Mallory generator. This conversion needs NO silicone to insulate the adapter ring screws from the rotor path like the stock Mallory stuff. The large MSD rotor shields the screws and provides enough spacing to make the silicone plugs unnecessary.

MSD Cap provides the same spacing between the terminals as the Mallory Pro cap. The terminals are on a 4" diameter and the outer diameter of the cap plastic is 4.90".

Here is a breakdown of MSD parts you will need if you are converting over #2500-0057 MSD cap and rotor, #2500-0068 MSD cap adapter, and if you like #2500-0067 MSD wire retainer.

When ordering racer must specify clockwise or counterclockwise rotation from drop down menu.

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