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MSD Manual Launch Controller #7751

Part No.:  2500-0153G
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The Manual Launch Control Module, #7751, is designed exclusively for use with the Power Grid System Controller, #7730. The Module provides racers an easy way to make adjustments to the launch rpm, and the shift light intensity without connecting a PC. The Module also displays the engine timing.

Mount the Manual Launch Control Module in a position that allows for easy reach and adjustments. Also, make sure the harness of the module reaches the CAN-Bus Hub. Plug the connector from the Launch Module into an available CAN-Bus receptor on the Hub connector.

The #7751 Launch Module has five basic settings that can each be selected and adjusted using the module’s joystick. Push the joystick in (as a button) to select a setting to be edited or to confirm changes after a setting is changed. To scroll through setting options the joystick should be pushed horizontally (left or right). To edit a selected setting, use vertical motions with the joystick. If a setting is selected to be changed and no action is taken in five seconds it will automatically deselect and revert to the setting that was initially programmed.

Multiple Manual Launch Control Modules can be plugged into the same system. If one is desired within reach of the driver and another is to be easily accessible to the crew, both will display real time changes.
Launch RPM: This selection controls the Launch Rev Limiter setting. Using the module the Launch Limiter can be changed in 50 rpm increments from 0-10,000 rpm.

Shift Light: This controls the shift light intensity. The setting is adjustable from 0-100% power 5% at a time.
Timing: This displays the engine’s timing as set by the 7730 in real time.* This is a Read Only feature.

Contrast: The screen on the Launch Module can be controlled for easier reading depending on lighting conditions.

Rotate: The screen on the Launch Module can be rotated 180° if needed depending on its mounting position.