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MSD Pro Mag Cap & Rotor Kit #7919

Part No.: 
MPN: 7919
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*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** MSD Pro Mag Lite cap and rotor kit. This kit fits all MSD 12 and 12LT generators with screw down cap.

Cap is molded from Dupont Rynite material which allows for excellent high voltage isolation characteristics.

Spark plug style terminals are used to make a solid connection to the spark plug wire terminal.

The rotor is also made from Dupont Rynite material and features a brass/stainless steel rotor tip to insure a durable efficient way for the generator's energy to travel.

Cap dia. is 3.75," kit includes mounting hardware, rotor, cap and wire retainer.

Racer can choose #7919 red or #79193 black color from drop down menu.

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