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OUT OF STOCK Belt/Cable Driven Fuel Pump Cable Six Foot

Part No.: 
380-0043    Six Foot Med.
380-0044    Price Per Foot
380-0045    Six Foot Lrg.
380-0046    Price Per Foot
Out of Stock
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RBS carries a full line of Waterman cable driven fuel pump drive components. This cable connects the belt drive to the fuel pump and comes in one foot increments. There is two cables for the racer to choose from, medium is rated for up to 13 gallon and large is good for up to 23 gallon fuel pumps. Cables up to six foot are $159.95, after six foot it is $11.35 per additional foot. Cable type and size can be chosen from drop down menu.

RBS recommends for the racer to buy the belt drive and fuel pump chassis mount brackets, mock up the parts in the actual application, then with clear tubing hose from the hardware store, easy to cut cheap to purchase and can be laid out like the cable will be in the race day application. Mocked up with the hose then it is time to order the cable to the length that you need.

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