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Oil Pump Primer 351C/ 351M/ 400-460 Moroso #62220

*** IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** Those long nights spent in your shop building that fire breathing beast and know it is time to fire this monster and see how it sounds but wait you need to pump some blood thru it's veins first and you think how am I going to do that.

Well my friends RBS has just the answer with this Ford oil pump priming tool. Simple as it gets to use, simply drop the priming rod down on the oil pump rotate with your fingers until you feel it drop down into the oil pump hex attach a drill to the three jaw non slip end of the primer shaft pull the trigger on the drill and wait for the oil pressure to come up on the gauge and you are now ready for the fun to begin.

Works with all 351C, 351M and 400-460 engine blocks and oil pumps with a 5/16" male drive hex.

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