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RCD/P&P Hemi Dry Sump Plumbing Kit

RBS makes racers life easier by providing the proper parts for the job. Here is one more shining example, a plumbing kit for the RCD/P&P dry sump oil pump from the oil pan to the oil pump.

This kit includes stainless tubing with smooth radius bends for maximum flow as well as the proper rubber hose and stainless steel clamps to hook up your dry sump pan to your dry sump oil pump.

Included is a -16 oil pan fitting, -16 to 90 degree 1.00" barbed fitting to come off the oil pan pick-up, 1.00" hose to connect pan fitting to oil pump fitting, -16 to 28 degree 1.00" barbed fitting to come off back of oil pump, -16 185 degree J barbed hose fitting to feed oil from the oil tank to the oil pump.

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