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MSD Pro Mag 44 Coil #8142

Part No.: 
MPN: 8142
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*** RED & BLACK IN STOCK SHIP TODAY **** This coil is the industry standard for the MSD 44 generator. It includes heavy duty anti-vibration mounts and detailed installation instructions. Weight is five pounds and dimensions are 5.5" L x 4.9" W x 5.4" H.

MSD Pro Mag 44 ignition coils are a key part of MSD's Mag 44 ignition system for pro-level or sportsman drag cars. There's more than a pound of high-quality copper wire wound around the molded DuPont Rynite core in every one, which allows them to handle the 44 amps of output from the system's companion magneto.

These coils deliver 50,000 volts of long-duration spark to the spark plugs to ensure that the nitro or alcohol is ignited. For maximum vibration protection and reliability, the windings and all internals are completely wrapped in rugged epoxy.

They're not for use with the Pro Mag 12. 

Pro Mag coils come in #8142 red or #81423 black and can choose color from drop down menu.

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