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MSD 44 Generator Pro Cap Band Clamp Mount Black

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MPN: 81305 44, 81407
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*** BLACK #2500-0050D CW & #2500-0050E CCW IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** For all the serious racers that want to make serious horsepower you must choose the MSD Pro Mag 44--the king of magnetos. With no magnets to recharge or points to replace, and an amazing 44 amps of primary current, it's no surprise that these magnetos are the choice of nitro-gulping fire breathing top fuel racers!

Pro Mag 44 magnetos are built with an assemblage of rare earth magnets and windings to produce incredible energy. They accurately trigger and distribute this energy on a precision path to your spark plugs, creating a burst of ground-shaking energy in your cylinders. And, for the absolute ultimate in ignition triggering, the Pro Mag 44s' design allows you to add optional accessories--a crank trigger, timing retard control, or even a rev limiter! Forget those weak, inaccurate points and adjustments.

Get the most powerful, accurate magnetos with durability to match their performance--the MSD Pro Mag 44 magnetos. RBS can supply any plug wires, coils, points box's, kill switches or any other acc. you may need for your ignition system.

Racer has the choice of red or black for color and choice of rotation chosen from the drop down menu.

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