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MSD 44 Rev Limiting Points Box #8147

Part No.: 
MPN: 81473 8147 BLACK
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*** RED & BLACK POINTS BOX IN STOCK SHIPS TODAY *** MSD #8147 rev limiting points box. This is the most common blown alch. ignition box there is. The magnetic pickup in the generator delivers the trigger signal while the Box takes care of the rest: namely the long duration spark and quick rise time.

The MSD electronic circuitry releases the power of the generator to the coil instantly and at full power. The coil instantly produces an incredible shot of voltage to ionize the plug gap. The current then takes over, ensuring that the fuel is ignited!

The Electronic Points Box keeps the electricity flowing across the plug for a full 26° of crankshaft rotation, ensuring complete combustion.It has incorporated into it a rev limiter to keep the engine from going into a harmful rpm. The racer can set it with different rpm chips that are included with the box.

Vibration mounts are included with mounting hardware. The box is made from a strong cast alum. housing which houses all the electronics and makes for a good heat sink while the inside circuits receive a heavy duty coating of Humi-Seal compound to secure the electronics.

The box uses a four pin Deutsch connector to connect the box to the generator. Detailed instructions are included.

Rev limiting points box comes in buyers choice of Red or Black which can be choosen from the drop down menu.

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