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Valve Spring Maintenance Tool Fathead

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For the racer that likes to service the cylinder heads on there hot rod here is one of the best tools you can buy for todays high revving alcohol engines. This valve spring maintenance tool allows the racer to change and check valve springs with simple hand tools and makes it a quick simple one person job.

Tool can be used on cylinder heads with all the rocker gear still installed as time is valuable so simply remove four of the rocker stand nuts spin on the nuts that come with the kit and crank down the hand knobs on the tool and it is time to get to work. If the racer is checking spring pressure simply install the cup with the gauge crank it down with a 3/8" ratchet or if changing springs switch out the cup and crank down with a 3/8" ratchet and either process requires removing the tool or changing over to the next cylinder.

Pressure gauge body swivels so it can be rotated around to clear obstacles that might be in the way.
Tool fits BAE, AJ, Co-Line, Total Flow, Snyder and most all other Fathead type alcohol heads with BAE, T&D, Medlen, or Manton rocker assemblies. Be sure to check out part #2700-0014E cylinder head stand assm. if you are doing this on the work bench.

Tool stands is made from billet alum. that has been anodized and steel parts are nickel plated for easy clean up and a beautiful finished part that any racer will be proud to own.

Racer can purchase hex stand nuts to have multiple cylinder heads ready and also purchase spring cups separate if there application changes.

Tool includes detailed instructions and eight hex stand nuts so the racer has a set for each cylinder head. Here are a few things for the racer to check off when ordering:
Racer must specify dual or triple spring cup when ordering and if unsure give us your valve spring part number and we will make sure to get you the correct cup for the application.

Racer needs to specify rocker stand type and color so the correct height hex stand nuts can be supplied with the tool or when ordering hex stand nuts for another set of cylinder heads.

RBS carries a full supply of rocker stud nuts that allow the racer to use the tool on different engines or set up multiple engines for the tool to be used on. Rocker stand nuts are 9/16" six point hex.

1.50" x 3/8" hex stand nuts that fit BAE red & black rockers stands, Manton, Reid, T&D or Medlen brand rocker stands.

1.250" x 3/8" hex stand nuts fit BAE blue and silver rocker stands.

1.00" x 3/8" hex stand nuts fit new type single BAE rocker stands.

1.50" x 7/16" hex stand nuts fit new type AJPE Stg. Five rocker stands.

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